Who We Are

James House is a Public Benefit, Non-Profit Organisation located in the picturesque Hout Bay, Cape Town.  The organisation, founded in 1986, has a rich history of developing top-notch practitioners in the child and youth care sector.  We are proud of our history that has brought as to where we’re currently viewed as a leaders in the field of Child and Youth Care.  We have a staff of 65 and an annual budget of R10 mil which enables us to deliver specialised care to approximately 900 children every day.

What We Do

James House has been working tirelessly for 27 years defining best-practice models for the care of children and youth at-risk.  Our activities focus on key challenges to the well-being of South Africa’s children: poverty, HIV/AIDS, violence and abuse, and addressing high risk behaviour amongst adolescents. Our purpose is to create replicatable models implementable by other organisations in support of the best interests of the country’s children. We believe in excellence – so we measure what we do


James House takes great pride in the excellence of their work.  To enable us to replicate solutions for at-risk children, we need to prove that what we do, works – so we measure everything that goes into providing the solution and we measure the results of our efforts – in great detail. We make use of professionals and we partner with other leaders in the field – inviting scrutiny, ensuring integrity. We work closely with International Universities, the Children’s Institute, the NACCW and our funders to pioneer real solutions.

Our Solutions

At James House it’s about developing capacities to address the real needs of children and youth in a community.  Our programmes provide layers of care across the full continuum of development, from infants to young adults including critical systemic factors that affect a child’s development into maturity.


Isibindi is accredited by the National Association of Child Care Workers as a community-based childcare programme providing on-the-ground interventions for at-risk children and their families.  The programme provides holistic support to ensure the child’s well-being.


BEST – Building Emotionally Stable Teens – is focussed on providing support for adolescents with difficult to manage behaviour.  The six-month long programme works with the boys, their families, teachers and significant others in creating alternative behaviour management models.


Providing short-term residential interventions for boys and girls requiring specialised clinical support to assist them in dealing with their traumas and resultant bad behaviour.  Run by a dedicated professional team, children and their families are assisted to move forward constructively to a healthy home.


Starting with a rite-of-passage camp, youth are challenged to take ownership of their destinies, populate a map for life with milestone goals, and embark on a journey that will make their dreams a reality.  In a youth-friendly environment, youngsters are helped to transition to interdependent living.