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The mission of James House Training Programme is it to take the lead in modelling best-practice child protection strategies in the Residential Treatment Programme (STARS) and our PEI (Prevention and Early Intervention) Programmes.

The purpose of the training programme is to provide appropriate resources and a learning culture within the organisation that supports the growth and development needs of the individual employee. It is about developing a good understanding of the knowledge, skill and abilities that the organisation will need to achieve its mission and vision by delivering a highly satisfactory service to stakeholders and beneficiaries. James House Training Programme covers:

  1. “In house” training – Non accredited (Skilled Staff who is able to Facilitate training)
  2. Accredited training (Training Providers are sourced)
  3. Community Training (We are embarking on sharing our services in uplifting other organisations in the community)
  4. We are in the process of registering James House as an Accredited Training Provider.

Founded in 1986

with the aim of providing basic needs for children


without you this would not be possible

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