James house welcomes volunteers to work in our programmes such as sports and recreation, educational support and safe park.

Please note our criteria when showing interest in volunteering at James House

No short term volunteers allowed as our children require structure and rhythm. We require a minimum of one-month commitment from all volunteers.

All volunteers are expected to submit substantial documentation and undergo a police clearance when showing interest in volunteering at James House.

Feel free to contact siya@jameshouse.org.za for more information about volunteering at James House.


When I came to James House to help as a volunteer, I haven’t imagined such an enriching experience beforehand. Over the course of the year, I was able to take a look how the organisation works and learnt a lot about the people it strives to help. I became quickly a part of the James House family. We went into the communities and due to the time the programmes dedicate to the people there, families let us come into their life spaces and support their children. In my time I got the opportunity to really contribute in a way that suited me and the organisation. Not in one single moment, I have felt like a volunteer but I was treated by my colleagues like one of them. We went together as a team through a few challenges, nevertheless I had a lot of fun going out with the children. This made my stay remarkable experience for a lifetime and I was able to make lots of friends.  Of course, there were joyful and sad moments. But only good memories remain and I enjoyed working at James House. So I am just grateful for my time at James House and I would like to come back again!

Fabian Kunnen


with the aim of providing basic needs for children


without you this would not be possible


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