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The B.E.S.T programme started in 2011 at James House, at the time it was referred to as BOYS Quest, later the name changed to Boys B.E.S.T (Building Emotionally Strong Teens). More recently there has been an urgent need for services for girls hence the recent name change to The B.E.S.T programme as the name encompasses both girls and boys.

The B.E.S.T programme is a 6-month non-residential solution to prevent at-risk teenage boys and girls with challenging behavior entering a path that may be destructive to either themselves or others. B.E.S.T follows a strengths-based, developmental, and holistic approach, always taking into account the individual needs and B.E.S.T interest of each child in the context of their family circumstances, their community, and their school environment. Once the child has completed the six month programme, he/she enters the aftercare phase which is 12 months where the child and his family receives less intensive intervention. Services include school based intervention, family focused interventions, therapeutic intervention and community awareness campaigns.

Founded in 1986

with the aim of providing basic needs for children


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