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The James House Residential Treatment Centre is a pilot project which we implemented in partnership with the Department of Social Development and it is the first of its kind in South Africa James House provides a short-term residential treatment intervention (therapeutic) for adolescents between the ages of 12 and 16 for a period of 4 months.

This programme is for boys and girls exhibiting challenging and risky behavior. The programme follows a systemic approach in assisting the adolescents and their significant others. Sustainable change is seen as only possible if the relationships between the adolescents and those around them are addressed along with their emotional, behavioral and interpersonal patterns that are seen as challenging. The programme is highly structured and designed to progress systematically over the course of the residency. The focus on therapeutic intervention is kept and drift is avoided in terms of extended stays that may lead to a loss of therapeutic intensity and impact. The staffing consists of a one-to-one Child and Youth Care Worker and Child ration, with two staff member on shift, seven days a week, both day and night.

Founded in 1986

with the aim of providing basic needs for children


without you this would not be possible

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