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Our Vision: It is to develop an organisation of Child &Youth Care Excellence.

Our Mission: Our mission is to Model Best- Practice, Child Protection and Early Intervention strategies within the Child and Youth Care Sector.

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James House was founded in 1987 and it celebrates 30 years working in the Hout Bay Community and within the Child and Youth Care Sector. We are a registered organisation that operates as a Child and Youth Care Centre proudly offering One Residential Treatment Centre for Boys and Girls and 3 Prevention and Early Intervention Programmes. These programmes are well implemented and it is looked at as Best Practice Models in South Africa operating within the South African legal framework of the Children’s Act No 38 of 2005.


James House Programmes

BEST PROGRAMME BEST Is strengths-based, therapeutic, and holistic approach, taking into account the individual needs and best interest of each child in the context of their family circumstances, their community, their school environment. (Working with children ages 12 – 15 years and Based in 3 Primary Schools)

ISIBINDI PROGRAMME The Isibindi Programme is a nationally accredited community base model of care for orphans and vulnerable children developed by the NACCW and implemented by James House. (Working in 2 Communities)

TRAINING PROGRAMME The purpose of the training is to equip James House staff with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to meet the organisation’s needs in relations to its objectives. By investing in people through their training we ensure we connect their full potential and focus their energies on the needs of the organisation while fulfilling their need for personal development and job satisfaction. Our aim is to share our knowledge and skills with organisations in the community which would include Child and Youth Care Centres.

Founded in 1986

with the aim of providing basic needs for children


without you this would not be possible

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